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TFP - Windblade by JPL-Animation

Very difficult to find a negative here. You seem to have captured Windblade rather well. Even down to her trademark smirk. The hand on ...


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Stewart E. Tyler
United States
Systemic anomaly. Born and raised in the highlands of Queens New York. Currently residing in North Carolina. Life long genre fan(whatevernthat means). Comics, games, movies, and art all happen to be things I dig. Alot.
If u cant tell I love comicbooks. I really LOVE Superhero comic books. But I have noticed a sad truth...most superheroes DONT fight crime anymore. Yea I Know who it sounds..rather silly on the surface, but think for a sec. I read ALOT of comics each month, hell its part of my JOB!! Real street level crime is ignored by the "Big guns" Now there are a few that still do. Batman fights crime, Spiderman fights crime, Daredevil fights crime, The Punisher KILLS crime. Im sure there are some Im forgetting, but U get the point by now Im sure. When was the last time U saw the Avengers are the Justice league break up a bank job? When was the last time U saw Captain America save an old lady from getting mugged. He is from BROOKLYN for Gods sake!! They just dont. I know Im ranting a bit. The Avengers were NEVER really about fighting "crime" so to speak nor was the JLA...but man. I just kinda pine for the days when They would at least HELP even in passing. Superman really WOULD get a cat out of a more. U better NOT mug an old lady In Brooklyn  cuz Cap woulda broke his foot off in ur ass!! Now...the "Big guns" have no time for the Aunt Mays of the world. Not every story has to be Darksied or Thanos coming to take over the Earth, and frankly...why would they?? Save some cats, get some orphens out of a fire, stop 1st national bank from getting robbed again. Dr. Doom can wait....this week.

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